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Example: Step 1 In the "Starting a New Notebook" window, click "New Notebook". Step 2 On the Home page, click "Click here to start a new notebook." Step 3 On the notebook Home page, click "Create a new notebook." Step 4 Fill in the notebook title and description, and click "Create notebook." Step 5 The notebook will open in a new tab, in which you can write code, visualize graphs, etc. (Also, if you have an existing notebook, you can click "Save as" to download it to your desktop.) ## Connecting data Kaggle notebooks can access data either by using a downloaded dataset, or by specifying a data source within your notebook. Choose the dataset that you want to work with (either a Kaggle dataset, or a dataset that you've downloaded and saved to your computer). Click the "Data Source" button (next to your notebook title) and select the "Kaggle Data Source". If you've downloaded your data, it should appear in the "Data Sources" box. Otherwise, a "Data Source" will appear next to your notebook title. Click "OK" to start working with the data. ## Tagging Data When you've downloaded a dataset, it may have a tag assigned to it by a data scientist who originally analyzed the data. Kaggle notebooks allow you to add tags to your dataset. Click the "+" sign next to the tag in the data sources box, and select the tag that you want to add. ![]( ## Saving & sharing By default, Kaggle notebooks are saved to the local file system, but you can also save them to a shared folder on Drive, and share the link to your notebook with others. Click the "Share" button (next to your notebook title) and select the type



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